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Loan Amount Shares : Rs.50,000/- to Rs.20 lacs, limit will be 50% of market value of shares as on date of opening account.
NSC, KVP's etc. : Rs.5000/- to 25 lacs, upto 80% of face value.
LIC policy : Rs.5000/- to Rs.15 lacs, upto 90% of surrender value of policy.
Eligibility Criteria Adult Indian citizen.
Security Pledge of approved shares/NSCs/KVPs or assignment of LIC policy in name of the bank
Facility Overdraft against shares, overdraft/loan against NSCs, KVPs or LIC policy
Charges For Shares - One time service charge @ 1% of limit sanctioned + documentation charges as applicable.
For NSCs, KVPs & LIC policies  - Documentation & Transfer charges
Appraisal Documents 1. Details of shares / securities to be pledged
2. Demat statement for shares
3. Proof of Residence
4. Proof of Income
5. Signature verification from existing bankers
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